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EOS R: Marking a New Photography Milestone with Canon

For Mark Anthony Lim, the release of the EOS R coincided with his selection as a Canon Singapore EOS World Community Ambassador for 2018-2019. This is the latest milestone in a ten-year love affair with photography, peppered by accomplishments such as winning the Best of Show (Open Category) in the Canon PhotoMarathon XIV Singapore 2016. He reflects on his journey thus far, and shares with us some of his shots with the EOS R.


Igniting a lifelong passion

My interest in photography started when I was an undergraduate in the Philippines, but I couldn’t really pursue it as much as I wanted as I didn’t have my own equipment. That all changed in 2010.

2010 was a very significant year for me. Personally, it was when I graduated from university and passed the board examination for nurses in the Philippines. It was also when I held a DSLR camera for the first time, which changed my entire life.

This was on my very first visit to Singapore. Until then, all I knew was how to use a digital camera to point to a subject and shoot. My friend lent me his Canon EOS 500D and encouraged me to try it. He also taught me about long exposure photography at night. It gave me my first glimpse at what shutter speed and aperture settings were for and what the functions on a DSLR could do, and I was amazed.

I became very motivated to learn about photography after that. I read a lot of online articles, and also joined a photography club in my hometown where I learned a lot about the basics of photography from the members.


The start of a long-term relationship with photography—and with Canon cameras

Many members of the photography club that I joined were Canon users. They taught me about the advantages of Canon cameras for beginners, which started my long-term relationship with Canon cameras. I couldn’t afford my own camera at that time, but I persuaded two of my brothers who were planning to get cameras to buy Canon DSLRs (the EOS 550D and EOS 600D), which I would then borrow.

Even now that I have used a number of Canon EOS cameras, ranging from the entry-level to professional ones such as the EOS 5D Mark IV and EOS R, I still like how they are all easy-to-use and provide high-quality images.

It was also around this time that I became interested in travel photography, and frequently travelled to different cities in the Philippines to photograph their festivals. I liked how photography not only helped to bring back memories of a place, but also allowed me to share my experiences with my audience.

Interior of church

EOS R/ EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM (EF-EOS R Mount Adapter)/ FL: 16mm/ Manual exposure (f/6.3, 1/40 sec)/ ISO 800/ WB: Auto
Location: Novena Church - Church of Saint Alphonsus

Admiring architecture
As a travel photographer, I tend to be drawn to landscapes, architecture and seascapes. They make me especially eager to be creative and show people how beautiful the world is. I have always been fascinated by the interior structure of churches, and I admire the geometric lines of this type of architecture. It also holds special appeal to me as a Catholic because it’s also what I always see from the church entrance. The EOS R’s Silent Shooting feature is helpful for shooting in sacred places like this.


Long exposure of Marina Bay

EOS R/ EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM (EF-EOS R Mount Adapter)/ FL: 19mm/ Bulb (f/13/ 180 sec)/ ISO 200/ WB: Auto
Location: Marina Bay

A shot that is meaningful in more ways than one
Marina Bay will always have a place in my heart. It’s where I held my first DSLR camera, and also where I first learned about long exposure photography. I used to take a picture of Marina Bay at night every time I visited Singapore. I see my shots of Marina Bay as a gauge of my improvement in long exposure photography.


Winning the Canon PhotoMarathon 2016

I finally bought my first camera, an EOS 70D, in 2014, and that made me even more eager to learn. I joined and won different photo contests, and some of my photos from then were even published in the newspapers!

I continued learning and exploring photography even when I moved to Singapore for work in December 2015. It was with the EOS 70D that I participated and, surprisingly, won the Best of Show – Open Category in the Canon PhotoMarathon XIV Singapore 2016. My prizes included an all-expenses paid trip to the Canon PhotoMarathon Asia Championship (CPMC for short), as well as a full-frame camera, the EOS 5D Mark IV, which had just been released back then.

It was a surreal using my new EOS 5D Mark IV. I had owned my EOS 70D for barely two years, and it did feel a bit too soon to upgrade to professional camera. But I saw it as a challenge to take my photography to the next level. In fact, I was so excited about it that I went out shooting with my new EOS 5D Mark IV almost every single day.

Old men and mural at Chinatown

EOS R/ RF24-105mm f/4L IS USM/ FL: 105mm/ Manual exposure (f/4, 1/40 sec)/ ISO 100/ WB: Auto
Location: Chinatown

A fleeting slice in time
I’m always fascinated with the daily life in a given place. I like how this mural seems to reflect the story of the old men in Chinatown on the right. This shot might look easy to take at first glance, but it was actually quite difficult: If one of the subjects moved away before I could shoot, the story would not be complete. What helped me get the shot was my habit of being patient and waiting for the perfect moment, as well as the EOS R’s quick AF.


CPMC 2017: The highlight of my photography journey

With the EOS 5D Mark IV, I took part in the Canon PhotoMarathon Asia Championship 2017, held in Japan. It was the highlight of my photography journey.
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I learned a lot from our mentor, GOTO AKI, as well as my co-participants. In fact, on the first day of CPMC 2017, Goto-san introduced me to one of the most mind-blowing techniques in my entire photography journey: Using ND filters in daylight. I was amazed by the difference it can make to a shot with only a still subject, as long as there are perfect clouds moving in one direction.

What I experienced during CPMC 2017 not only boosted my interest in photography, it also motivated me to develop my skills, try things that I have not done before, and explore all the possibilities with my camera.

I also became convinced that to develop photography skills, one needs another photographer for inspiration and to learn from. While I read photography magazines and online articles, practice in my free time, and do self-reviews of my previous pictures, honest critique and advice from my friends and fellow photographers were also a huge help in improving my skills.

Marina Bay Sands in black and white

EOS R/ RF24-105mm f/4L IS USM/ FL: 63mm/ Manual exposure (f/5.6, 1/320 sec)/ ISO 100/ WB: Auto
Location: Marina Bay Sands

Trying a new form of expression
Black and white photography is new to me. There is beauty in its simplicity. I feel that there are photos that are meant to be in black and white, and I am still in the process of discovering its wonders. I think I need to ask some experts for their advice about it!


Macro-like shot of lotus leaf

EOS R/ RF24-105mm f/4L IS USM/FL: 101mm/ Manual exposure (f/8, 1/250 sec)/ ISO 200/ WB: Auto
Location: The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Unexpected macro
This unplanned shot was taken when I was waiting for the rain to stop on my way to Gardens by the Bay. I was pleasantly surprised that the EOS R and the RF24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens could produce excellent macro-like photographs like this one, even without cropping.


Becoming EOS World Community Ambassador

I used to think that photography was simply about clicking the shutter button and adjusting the settings. I have since realised that it isn’t only about that. It is also about continuous learning, portraying compelling stories of daily lives, showing the beauty of the world and building a relationship with viewers. It’s about sharing and inspiring others, which I hope to achieve with my photography.

Being appointed as a Canon EOS World Community Ambassador is a wonderful opportunity to inspire more. The EOS R, was coincidentally released at around the same time, and I have been privileged to experience it thanks to a number of Canon events and activities. It has great features that make me feel that they could play an important part in my next photography milestone, and I would definitely consider buying it to upgrade my photography skills.

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Mark Anthony Lim

Mark Anthony Lim

A nurse by profession, Mark is also a hobbyist travel photographer who delights in exploring ways to make his shots different, and in inspiring other people with his photos. He won the Best of Show – Open Category in the Canon PhotoMarathon XIV Singapore 2016, participated in the Canon PhotoMarathon Asia Championship 2017, and was appointed EOS World Community Ambassador 2018-2019 in October 2018.

Instagram: @maplrn