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For #EOSM10diaries: 10 Tips for Everyday Photos


Some of the best moments in life are the simple, everyday moments. Recording these moments shouldn’t be a chore or a fuss.

In the #EOSM10diaries, we challenged influencer Lumi to up her social media game, with the help of professional fashion photographer Lenne Chai; to capture the small Insta-worthy photos around us; to see things differently and create their own everyday moments. Here’s what they learnt.

Tip 1: Use the Canon Connect app as a remote trigger or for instant sharing

The Canon Connect app is available for download at the Google Play store and the Apple App store. It allows you to connect Canon cameras (with Wi-Fi and NFC functionalities) to your smart phone. This turns your phone into a remote trigger that comes in useful when you’re taking a self-portrait.

It also lets you transfer your photos to your phone for instant sharing!

Tip 2: Seek natural light

Whether you are out at a café or taking an OOTD, always choose a well-lit spot. Sit near the window or even outdoors to get the best natural light. It will give your image greater definition and contrast!

Watch our video to find out more!

Tip 3: Use your surroundings

Sometimes a nice building can be a fantastic backdrop.

Try using the great architecture around you to add some interest to your subject, be it a photogenic friend or a random passer-by. Watch out for interesting patterns and the way the light scatters for an even better effect!

Tip 4: Use the Rule-of-Thirds grid

You may have heard of the Rule-of-Thirds photographer use as a guide to help new photographers get a good shot. What you may not know is that you can find the grid on most of your cameras!

Activating the on-screen grid will make it easier for you to align and frame your image.

Tip 5: Put some distance between your subject and background

Doing this gives a good depth that draws focus to the main subject. The out-of-focus portions become a smooth and creamy bokeh (the blur produced in out-of-focus portions) that cuts out distractions.

Also take note of the colours in the background that may complement or create contrast with your subject.

Tip 6: Creative Assist helps you visualise the final image by pre-setting a filter

With the Creative Assist function, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, hue and other settings in-camera, essentially creating a filter before you take the shot.

Tip 7: Underexpose sunset shots to bring out the contrasting colours

Photos taken during the magic hour can sometimes be washed out or dull because the light meter is confused. Simply underexpose your image to bring out the colours in the sky. This might cause your subject to be a little dark, but you can always play with silhouettes!

Tip 8: Use Aperture Priority to create Bokeh

Don’t be intimidated by the terms and modes on your camera! The Av mode just stands for Aperture Priority (which means you set the aperture and leave the rest to the camera). Set your aperture to the smallest number and place your subject in front of some lights for the full effect!

Tip 9: Use your imagination (and a tilt screen)

If you follow influencers, you have probably seen your fair share of flat lays. They’re actually not that difficult to create. Lumi and Lenne used some coloured paper and smaller shapes to form this product feature. Another quick tip is to use the tilt screen of your camera to see your frame when taking the shot.

Bonus tip 10: Use Skin Smoothening for the perfect selfie

The skin smoothening functions in the EOS M10 lets Lumi skip touch-ups, making her photos ready for instant sharing on social media without further editing.

Photography does not have to be just for professionals. Bring any camera you have everywhere and start shooting! Tell your story in your own #EOSM10diaries and stand a chance to win an EOS M10 Kit (with EF-M15-45mm lens). To participate, follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow Canon Imaging Asia on Instagram @canonasia (http://instagram.com/canonasia/)
  2. Post your own diary entry and hashtag it with #EOSM10diaries & #canonasia
  3. Tell us how you achieved the shot with any of our tips (from this article, Lumi or our tutorial video)
  4. Contest ends 28th May 2016

*Don’t forget to make your profile public!

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