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Fun and Interesting Video Transitions Using the Canon EOS M50


While most camera transitions that you see online are edited with video editing software, there are simpler ways to achieve certain transitions without the need for these complicated programs. We teach you how with the EOS M50 mirrorless camera.


In the video, our model changes her outfit, teleports to another location, and magically switches her mirror into an EOS M50 camera within seconds. These are achieved by transitions created with simple tricks instead of post-process editing.

Step 1: The Upward Swing

the upward swing

Our model appears to change her clothes simply with one swift jump. As the videographer, you will need to swing your camera upwards as your model jumps. Make sure your camera movement is in sync with the jump. Hold your camera close to your body and use the EOS M50 camera’s Vari-angle LCD to find your frame.

Step 2: The Downward Swing

the downward swing

Our model appears in another outfit. We instruct her to jump again. This time, we swing our camera down to capture the movement as she lands on the ground. Use a higher ISO in darker settings, such as evening time or indoors. The EOS M50 ISO speed ranges from ISO 100 to 25600, which is perfect for bright or low light conditions.

Step 3: The Left-Right Sweep

left right sweep

We then ask our model to sweep from left to right using her arm. We follow her action closely with a swift left-to-right movement.

Step 4: Continuing the Left-Right Sweep

continue left right sweep

In the next scene, she appears to be in a different location. Once again, we sweep our camera from right to left as a transition onto the other location.

Step 5: The Swirl

the swirl

We twist our camera 180 degrees to form a swirl. The swirl is a good transition to switch between objects, and in this case, a camera from the mirror. With the camera’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF performance, focusing is fast and tracking is made easy even when the subject is moving.

When you are done, transfer images and videos effortlessly to your smartphone with the camera's bluetooth function. The low energy technology allows a constant connection between both devices, and you can even use it to shoot your photos and footages remotely from your smartphone! 


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