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How to Get the Most Instagram-Worthy Shots with your EOS RP


If you’re aiming to achieve an #InstagramWorthy feed and be the best Instagrammer among your peers, an entry-level full-frame camera like Canon EOS RP can be great in helping you get there. From using the camera’s tech to adapting aesthetic styles, check out the infographic below on why Canon EOS RP is your go-to camera and how to utilise it to capture the best Instagram-worthy shot for your social media upkeep.

EOS RP Technology

Canon EOS RP comes with 4779 selectable AF positions that can be moved by tapping on the touchscreen LCD for greater flexibility when composing your image. There is also a Touch & Drag AF function where it lets one run through the thumb on the LCD Screen to move the focus point while looking through the viewfinder.

Change up your angles with the Vari-angle LCD screen, which can be adjusted to match your eye angle no matter the position your camera is in. This adjustability provides flexible compositions that will allow more creative freedom to make better content for your social media feed. Ideal for getting good low-angle shots.

The Eye Detection AF function is best suited for when someone is shooting at a shallow depth of field (or at a wider aperture) and would want to ensure that the subject is in focus even when he or she is moving. This helps to achieve stunning portraits where the subject’s eyes are sharp while achieving a beautiful bokeh.

The Wifi function allows quick and easy transfer to the phone for editing or immediate sharing. You can also utilise the Bluetooth technology to control the camera and photograph remotely from your smartphone. Think selfies - but with a proper camera and a phone as the remote control - so cool!  


  • The basic composition Rules of Third and the Golden Ratio is one to start with. Then play with negative spaces, utilise leading lines, play with patterns and colours and photograph your subject from different perspectives and angles. Advance slowly by focusing on a few before attempting to mash different rules up! You can also set up the grid overlay for shooting in the camera itself to help with framing purposes.
  • Underexposure tends to give a more serious or mysterious mood to the image with darker deeper colours while overexposure would often represent happy, dreamy or even a fairytale-like atmosphere with its brighter and lighter colours. Look at the built-in light meter on the camera while making your exposure adjustment (shutter speed/aperture/ISO). When the indicator is on the left or negative, it would be underexposed and when it's on the right or positive it would be overexposed. Choosing a faster shutter speed, higher f-stop and/or lower ISO would underexpose and vice versa for overexposure.
  • Creativity is key! If you have a strobe light, cast the light on paper cut-outs to create interesting shadows. You can also experiment and work around your environment: a mirror or a puddle of water means you can create something revolving around reflections.
  • Keep it dynamic and have a variety of shots - close-ups, wide-angle, top-down, it’s your choice. This allows you to explore your style of creation, and create more dynamic Instagram profile instead of sticking to the same direction in every post. Once you’ve found your niche, you can even develop your Instagram content around it.

In-Camera Edits

Creative Assist provides customisable shooting presets and auto configurations during shooting, for adjusting parameters like image brightness, contrast, saturation, colour tone, the choice for monochrome and its available preset filters (vivid, soft, warm, cool, green, shine and more). To achieve your desired shot and effects, Creative Assist may change the aperture, shutter speed and white balance settings accordingly.

You can also find more information on the leading lines, patterns and colours, bokeh effect, different ways to use exposure and creative hacks to up your Instagram game respectively.

Download a copy of this infographic here.