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In Focus: EOS 7D Mark II


Here at SNAPSHOT, we’ve prepared an entire series of articles all about Canon’s new flagship APS-C DSLR: the EOS 7D Mark II. Check out the articles on this list to find out more about the EOS 7D Mark II now.


This series aims to verify the movie-shooting performance of the EOS 7D Mark II. Here in Part 2, we test the camera's apparent resolution and low light shooting capability. Let's see how close this model gets compared to the full-frame EOS 5D Mark III. (Edited by: Yasushi Sugawara)


For the first time in five years, Canon has launched a new APS-C format flagship model, the EOS 7D Mark II. With the introduction of features such as the Dual Pixel CMOS AF and support for recording at 60p, an exponential leap is expected in the new model's movie-shooting performance. In this article, we will verify the performance of this camera through actual shots. (Edited by: Yasushi Sugawara)


If you encounter a bird that is just about to take flight, what should you do in order not to miss capturing this moment? In the following, a professional wild animal photographer will explain the techniques to do so using the EOS 7D Mark II. (Reported by: Gaku Tozuka)


In this article, a professional wildlife photographer will impart to you techniques to capture dynamic close-up shots of birds soaring in the sky using the EOS 7D Mark II. (Reported by: Gaku Tozuka)


These days, DSLR cameras are no longer merely equipment for taking photographs. Their movie shooting functions have been improved to an astonishing level. In the following, we will verify the purported powerful movie shooting capabilities of the EOS 7D Mark II. (Edited by: Video Salon, Report by: Akira Inoue, Model: Sayaka Ono)


Photographing wildlife animals is a challenging task as it is impossible to predict how and when they would move. Among them, wild birds gliding freely in the sky are probably one of the most difficult subjects. In the following series of articles, I will, as a professional photographer specialising in wildlife animals, offer lessons on how to capture wild birds in different situations. (Reported by: Gaku Tozuka)


How does the EOS 7D Mark II fare against the EOS 7D? In part 4, we compare the burst rates and card writing speeds of the two and show how they can affect your shots. Find out how these can affect your pictures at decisive moments!


Uncover the differences between the EOS 7D Mark II and the EOS 7D in part 3 of our series. This time, witness the former's performance in resolution, ISO speed and low-light ranging limit and be astounded by its superiority in all these areas. You'll be sure to want one too!


How exactly does the EOS 7D Mark II stack up against the EOS 7D? In part 2 of this series, discover the EOS 7D Mark II's superior face detection and AF capabilities and see how the camera stays in focus even if obstructions appear during photography. Check it out now!


Thinking of upgrading to the 7D Mark II? In the first article of this series, find out more about how it stacks up against its predecessor, the 7D, in terms of moving subject tracking performance. Witness the Mark II's superior performance that will leave you wishing you had one too!


The launch of the EOS 7D Mark II showcases several enhancements to its shooting performance. In this developer's interview, let's go behind the scenes and see how technologies such as the new shutter unit, mirror drive mechanism and the EOS iSA system allows this model to surpass its predecessor by leaps and bounds. Read more here.


Fast speed action is the perfect test for a camera's shooting ability. In shooting across different sports matches, the EOS 7D Mark II proves its worth by consistently tracking and focusing on moving subjects. Through its Anti-Flicker function, smooth continuous shooting is also enabled without fluctuation in colour quality. Find out more about the new EOS 7D Mark II now.


How does the EOS 7D Mark II perform in wild bird photography with its several upgrades? Beyond expectations. By adopting not 1 but 2 DIGIC 6 image processors to its expanded high ISO range and increasing its AF area selection modes, ISO noise is effectively reduced and more scenes can now be supported, opening up a wider range of shooting opportunities. Discover more about the EOS 7D Mark II here now.


Shooting functions are one of the most highlighted attributes of every new camera. In this developers' interview, learn more about the different AF modes and functions in the EOS 7D Mark II, and discover how you can utilise AF points and tracking sensitivity to realise the potential of this greatly improved camera. Discover more here.


At a glance, the EOS 7D Mark II seems no different from its predecessor, but upon a close examination, you are bound for a surprise. With AF points and shooting speed far surpassing the EOS 7D, this flagship model features functions that are similar to the EOS 1D X. Discover the revolutionary changes here.


While everyone is curious about the EOS 7D Mark II, Yukihiro Fukuda brings his curiosity to the next level by testing this new APS-C flagship with animal photography! Apart from smooth continuous shooting operations and excellent AF features, he also discovers the various benefits brought by the silent continuous shooting mode. Find out his discoveries here.


To inherit and to refine. The developers of the EOS 7D Mark II were committed in designing a camera with capabilities comparable to the EOS-1D X. But that's not all. Targeting both the passionate and professional, what they had in mind were far more ambitious. Discover the considerations behind this APS-C camera here.