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[July 2014] SNAPSHOT Category Ranking “For Beginners”


Packed with a whole host of features, the DSLR is a versatile camera that allows you to capture impressive shots no matter where you are or what you're doing. In our July Category Ranking: For Beginners this week, we showcase 6 articles about the features of the DSLR to help you unleash your camera's potential. With another 3 articles on the list, you can also learn more about the techniques and effects your EOS M has to offer to truly bring your photographs to a whole new level.

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With cameras and photography knowledge so common today, having the latest shooting tips will definitely give you an edge over others. At SNAPSHOT, we are always on the lookout for the latest trends in photography so that we can share with you the latest happenings in the photography world. Check out our What's New articles to find out more now!

Flash photography is a great way to capture photographs of objects and people in the dark but there's more to it than just turning the flash on and off. In this article, find out how to capture fleeting moments and convey your own impressions to the viewer by adjusting the flash duration of your external flash. Find out how to do it now.

JFaith Collective Founder Juliana Tan is an award-winning photographer who believes in the power of photojournalism in affecting social change. She has helped tell the stories of countless people from around the world through her photographs. Learn more about her aspirations and her own story in this latest EOS Professional article now.

Lenses are an essential part in any photographer's lineup because it allows them to capture scenes and convey their impressions. With the medium telephoto prime lens EF85mm f/1.8 USM, you'll be well equipped to take pictures with a large and beautiful bokeh effect and fully utilize the Speedy AF function at the same time. Learn how to do so in this article.

With so many functions at your fingertips on your Canon EOS DSLR, you'll always be able to find a function to help you capture the perfect shot. One such function is the Autofocus that allows you to focus on different points in your shot to help you convey your impression of the scene. Learn more about the different AF modes available during Live View shooting, how to switch between them and how to move the AF point in this article so you can start shooting like a pro now.

Ever wanted a compact stylish camera that can help you take stunning photographs? Look no further than the Canon IXUS Series. The IXUS Series cameras come equipped with functions such as 12x Optical Zoom and high ISO range as well as WiFi connectivity and Creative Shot that will satisfy both the serious and fun photographer in you. Learn more about the different functions of the IXUS Series cameras here!