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[July 2014] SNAPSHOT Monthly Ranking


Looking for some interesting articles on photography? Then don't miss our Monthly Ranking for July! First, how about a course in flash photography with our article on the Speedlite external flash? Reigning champion article for 2 months straight, this is a must-read guide for external flash-shooting. Next, check out our DSLR Master Guides with 5 articles on the list, spanning from topics on aperture to exposure. Wait no longer! Start reading these articles and discover what makes them so popular now!

Top 10 Ranking

What's New

With cameras and photography knowledge so common today, having the latest shooting tips will definitely give you an edge over others. At SNAPSHOT, we are always on the lookout for the latest trends in photography so that we can share with you the latest happenings in the photography world. Check out our What's New articles to find out more now!

Have you ever taken a picture only to realise that it doesn't reflect the image you had in mind? Sometimes, all you need to do is to change the camera settings! In this article, we show you how a minor change in settings like aperture or exposure can infuse a different feel to your pictures. Find out more here.

Perfect shooting moments are fleeting, and you definitely won't want to miss that while changing your camera settings. With the Quick Control feature in the EOS 6D, you can now speed things up by accessing different camera functions via a press of the thumb. Find out how to speedily access various settings now.

If you think that light painting is VERY hard, then you are in for a surprise. Just by making use of selected light sources and equipment, achieving your first light painting shot can be unexpectedly easy! Check out this article for our guide into light painting and start exploring shooting possibilities with different light now.

Capable of producing soft depiction at maximum aperture and sharp focus at smaller f-stops, the EF50mm f/1.4 USM prime lens is probably the best choice for portrait and still-objects shooters. With full-time manual focusing, photographers can choose to define the best photographic expression for a picture. Find out more about this lens here.

Do you know Mia? This 25cm tall doll is one of the main models in avid photographer, Man Kai Loke's still shoots. An anime lover who stumbled into photography while working part-time, his eye-catching doll photography is a gem portraying his love of both worlds. Find out more in this article as he shares with us his shooting experiences.