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[June 2014] SNAPSHOT Category Ranking “For Beginners”


If you are looking for some tips to get you started in photography, you have come to the right place! In our "For Beginners" Category Ranking for June this week, let's start by building up your knowledge on shutter speed, aperture and exposure with 4 popular DSLR master guides on the list. Want more? Then don't miss out on the equally hot EOS M articles. From bokeh photography to light manipulation, you're definitely on the way to becoming an accomplished photographer. Read more now!

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New happenings and advancement in technology are taking place all the time! SNAPSHOT is a one-stop photography portal with all the information that you will need to keep up with the latest Canon news! Visit us weekly for updates!

In 1987, the switch to the EF mount system from the former FD mount system might have been a surprise to everyone. Looking back, this decision was definitely the right one. From aspherical to fluorite and UD lenses, not to mention, the ultrasonic motor, the EF mount system has unlocked various possibilities throughout the years. Read more to find out its history here.

Did you know? You can specify an ICC profile in Adobe Photoshop without opening the Print Studio Pro software! By accessing the print settings and following the 4 simple steps in our guide here, printing photos of your desired vibrancy is just that easy! Read more here.

Have you ever taken a picture only to find the focus on somewhere unintended? Establishing focus is more than just the AF system! From the sea to swinging monkeys, we show you the various modes your DSLR can offer to set precise focus on your subjects. Learn how to establish focus now.

Photography to fashion photographer Shavonne Wong, is not only an opportunity to capture beauty, but also the platform for her creativity to take flight. With her great love of interacting with people and capturing them on camera, it is no wonder that her pictures clinched various awards in such a short period of time. Find out more about her opinions on fashion photography in our interview here.

Sometimes, a normal shutter speed is simply not enough to capture a fast moving scene during flash photography. However, through high-speed sync with an external Speedlite flash, you can easily capture instant and vivid shots via rapid flash! Find out how to use the high-speed sync function to capture precise shots now.