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[May 2014] SNAPSHOT Category Ranking “For Beginners”


It's back to basics this week in SNAPSHOT. In this "For Beginners" Category Ranking for May, check out our top 4 EOS M articles and discover how to manipulate brightness or create different Bokeh effects for your desired shots. And if you are new to DSLR cameras, then you must read up on the 3 DSLR Master Guides to prep your way up to master level! Find out more about our ranking articles now.

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New happenings and advancement in technology are taking place all the time! SNAPSHOT is a one-stop photography portal with all the information that you will need to keep up with the latest Canon news! Visit us weekly for updates!

Have you heard of Slow Sync Flash photography? It's just another name for using flash with a slow shutter speed. This technique can produce both artistic effects when taken with motion blur and pleasantly illuminated shots of the subject and the background at night. Try it with our step-by-step guide now. You'll be amazed!

The EF-M55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM is definitely a hit for EOS M. Together with its unique aspherical and UD lenses arrangement, powerful IS unit and lead screw STM, this compact telephoto lens promises high image quality capable of minimising camera shakes and improving auto focus in video taking. Find out more here.

Framing is one of the basic techniques in photography. Each framing methods - horizontal, vertical and square, is capable of creating different effects. In this article, discover how you can project your intentions through different frames, or specifically, aspect ratios. Read more here.

At Canon, we believe in improving your on-the-go printing experience. So wherever you are, with the PIXMA Printing Solutions App, simply connect and print from your online file storage services through cloud link via tablet or mobile. Printing has never been so accessible. Watch video here.

In street photography, no two situations are identical. Therefore, timing and techniques are crucial in capturing a unique street shot. Find out how you can utilise the HDR feature and auto settings in the EOS 5D Mark III at different shooting positions to compose a quality shot here.