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[May 2014] SNAPSHOT Category Ranking “Tips”


Sometimes, all you need is just that one important tip to help you breakthrough! Find that tip here to improve your photography skill. In our "Tips" Category Ranking for May, learn how to capture night shots and create impressive Bokeh effects from 2 amazing articles on prime lens. Next, hone your composition skills with the EOS 5D Mark III. From flowers to landscapes and railroads, there is always something for everyone. Find out more about our top 10 articles now.

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New happenings and advancement in technology are taking place all the time! SNAPSHOT is a one-stop photography portal with all the information that you will need to keep up with the latest Canon news! Visit us weekly for updates!

Different shutter speeds will affect a picture differently. Essentially, a fast shutter speed freezes motion while a slow one creates motion blur. But have you tried taking consecutive fast shutter speed shots? From creating a dynamic effect to a calming ambience, there's more than meets the eye with shutter speeds. Learn more here.

10th June 2014 marks the 25th year of Canon's EOS-1 series. Since the introduction of EOS-1 until the EOS-1D C in December 2012, a total of 14 models have been produced, each striving to satisfy all professional expectations. Read more here.

Colours and composition are the few similarities still life photography and paintings share. But do you know that paper affects images just like how it affects paintings too? Find out how images can take advantage of the characteristics of different types of printing papers to achieve various artistic effects now.

For a hobbyist, Alawn Koh's pictures are definitely in a different class. As someone who loves to shoot sports and action, fast tracking and precision in shooting are always on his mind. Find out how he employs his skills to capture the expressions and intensity of events such as the One FC MMA and F1 here.