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[Nov 2014]  SNAPSHOT Category Ranking “For Beginners”


It's never too late to get familiar with your camera! In this week's "For Beginners" Category Ranking for November, learn how to handle your DSLR like a pro with the DSLR-related articles that have dominated the rankings. Last month's chart-topping Exposure Compensation article also remained firmly at the top. Find out why and check them out now!

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What's New

The best decisions are informed decisions! To this end, we've prepared 7 articles on the ever-popular 7D Mark II in this week's "Products Review" Category Ranking for November so you too can find out the reasons behind its popularity. There's also a Visual Review article on the high-end and compact G7X that will leave you wishing you had one too! Check them out now!

If you've always wanted perfect selfies, look no further than the fun functions offered by the PowerShot N2. Learn more about the camera's innovative 360̊ shutter ring that lets you take fabulous selfies with ease from any angle so you'll never have a bad angle again!

Altering the aspect ratio is one of the many ways to change the impression of a photograph without having to change your lens. Find out more about the characteristics of different aspect ratios so that you can effectively convey your intentions through your shots here!

Flash photography is about more than just about brightening up dark scenes. In this article, learn how you can use the Macro Lite Flash to capture vibrant and captivating images of objects up close as well as create unique and rich shadows. Find out more now!

The Canon PowerShot N100 is a fun-filled camera featuring the first dual capture feature that allows you to capture the fun on both sides of the camera. Check out the Story Highlight mode that creates movies from your image library and much more. Join in on the fun now!

Follow EOS World member Lemjay Lucas as he puts the new EOS 7D Mark II to the test at One FC's Battle of Lions event ahead of its release! Check out how the fast shutter speeds and continuous shooting with auto focus is perfect for capturing dynamic moments!