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[Part 1] A Premium Compact Camera That Offers New Value


The ultra-high capability digital compact camera, the PowerShot G3 X, has finally been unveiled. In this series, for each installation, we invite the person in charge of one department within the camera’s development team to share with us their insiders’ perspective on important aspects of the camera. This first installation, we aim our focus at product planning.

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PowerShot G3 X Product Planning

ICP Group 3

Tatsuya Yamada

"Anyone will be able to enjoy serious telephoto shooting. The PowerShot G3 X is a camera that will open up new areas of shooting."

Shoot from 24 to 600 mm seamlessly with high image quality

- What is the planning concept of the PowerShot G3 X?

Yamada It is the pursuit of a new premium compact that integrates a large format sensor with a high-power lens. With a strong awareness of realizing performance with an impact that did not exist up until now, equipped with a 1.0-type sensor, 24-600mm, 25x zoom this performance was achieved. This is the result of the know-how accumulated by Canon from continuously making cameras and lenses, and investing the experience of us on the development team.

In addition, the focal length of 600mm on the PowerShot G3 X catches your eye, but it is not the only feature. The maximum wide angle of 24mm can capture vast landscapes, shots with a compression effect at maximum telephoto, and you can enjoy shooting with a blurry background effect taking advantage of the 1.0-type sensor. Features of the PowerShot G3 X compact camera are being able to enjoy high image quality in a wide range of shooting scenes seamlessly with one camera.

The PowerShot G3 X – a high-performing digital compact camera. Comes with a 1.0-type sensor with an effective pixel count of 20.2 Megapixels, and a 24-600mm f2.8-5.6 (35mm-equivalent) 25x zoom lens. Weight: approx. 733g (including batteries and memory card).


- What aspects were you particularly aware of as a high-power model?

Yamada As it is also envisioned to function as a sub camera for advanced amateurs and pros that normally use the EOS series for telephoto shooting, particular emphasis was placed on specifications so it could be used without feeling any different from EOS. Specifically, through hearings etc. with pro photographers, the PowerShot G3 X takes advantage of lots of feedback related to detailed demands for shooting, starting with controls and UI suitable to telephoto shooting. When set to continuous shooting for example, rather than the UI rules on existing compact cameras, EOS ideas were implemented.

The grip was also a point that received particular emphasis. On a high-power camera like the PowerShot G3 X, the feeling at the instant the grip is held is highly regarded, so there were repeated discussions with the designer about units of 0.1mm in pursuit of the most appropriate form.

Furthermore, as it is a high-power model I believe that there will be more shooting in forests and on mountains, so by ensuring dust-proof and drip-proof functionality equivalent to the midrange EOS models, outdoor performance is improved. And, as it also supports an external viewfinder like the PowerShot G1 X Mark II, it is possible to aim with the viewfinder and suppress camera shake.


Full-scale movie shooting performance that can endure commercial specifications

- How good is the movie performance?

Yamada A high level of movie performance that can be put to practical use for commercial use such as shooting movies is supported. Achieving manual shooting such as changing Av, Tv, ISO and focus while shooting is possible, with 60p for smooth movement of course available, and it is equipped with 24p used in movies. Furthermore, an aspect marker function that can display five types of aspect grid lines including CinemaScope is included, and in addition to ensuring that you can always confirm the angle of view, a tripod hole for movie use is included so smooth panning and tilting is possible.


The PowerShot G3 X also possesses full-scale movie-shooting performance. It has a manual focus shooting mode that allows you to adjust not just your manual focus mode, but also your shutter speed, aperture and ISO speed as desired during movie shooting. Besides the 60p Full HD frame rate, it can also shoot in 24p which is used in film-making.


- What direction will be targeted for the G series in the future?

Yamada As an "imaging company", for Canon to offer ways to impress users through a variety of images such as photos and video, we have always aimed to expand the range of shooting. With the PowerShot G3 X, an expanded range of shooting was achieved from the wide focal length, however, we are putting even more emphasis on deepening the shooting range of the G series. Deepening the range of shooting does not mean achieving catalog specs by simply implementing a large sensor and high-power lens. Rather, by ensuring uniform quality of the details from image quality, operability, and UI to design, it will offer new values that will create impressions in the user's daily lives. In particular, with compact cameras that can always be carried with you due to their size, by exceeding the boundaries as a tool for shooting photos, I think it is necessary to come up with something that is fun to own, and will stimulate a sense of attachment as an object. By doing so, it will more than likely achieve a deeper presence in everyone's lifestyle. Through continuing to expand and deepening the shooting range, because the G series is a compact camera it can provide value, and I would like to offer new impressions.


PowerShot G3 X

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Imaging Processor: DIGIC 6

Camera Effective Pixels: Approx. 20.2 megapixels

Sensor Size: 1.0 inch type

Focal Length: 25x zoom(35mm film equivalent: 24 (W) – 600 (T) mm)

Focusing Range: 5cm (2.0 in.) – infinity (W), 85 cm (2.8 ft.) – infinity (T) / Macro: 5 – 50cm (W) (2.0 in. – 1.6 ft. (W))

Image Stabilizer (IS) System: Lens-shift type

LCD Monitor: 3.2-inch type, TFT color LCD with wide viewing angle

Autofocus: Continuous, Servo AF / Manual Focus

AF Frame: Face AiAF, 1-point

Metering System: Evaluative, Center-weighted average, Spot

ISO Speed (Standard Output Sensitivity, Recommended Exposure Index): AUTO, ISO 125 - ISO 12800, 1/3-stop increments

Shutter Speed: 1 – 1/2000sec, 30 – 1/2000sec (in Tv Mode), (BULB) – 1/2000sec (in M Mode)

Aperture Type: Iris diaphragm

f/number: f/2.8 – f/11 (W), f/5.6 – f/11 (T)

Dimensions (CIPA compliant): 123.3 x 76.5 x 105.3mm (4.85 x 3.01 x 4.15in.)

Weight (CIPA compliant): Approx. 733g (1.62lb.) (including the battery and memory card)