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[Part 2] Expressive Capabilities of a 1.0-inch Type Sensor and 25x Zoom

This series of articles aims to verify the PowerShot G3 X’s shooting performance. In Part 2, I will introduce the expressive capabilities of the PowerShot G3 X in terms of its bokeh effect, compression effect and colour creation while showing you some of the actual shots that I took with the camera. (Reported by: Masakatsu Nagayama)

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Enjoy a variety of framing options with the 25x zoom lens

FL: 220mm (about 600mm at 35mm equivalent)/ (f/5.6, 1/160 sec)/ ISO 200

The sense of distance can be reduced by using zoom lens at their telephoto end. I made use of lens compression to make the lanterns appear closer to each other, when in reality they were each hung a distance apart. I selected maximum aperture to defocus the foreground and background and impart a sense of depth to the space.

FL: 8.8mm (about 24mm at 35mm equivalent)/ (f/4, 1/250 sec)/ ISO 200

I used the wide end of the zoom lens for the above picture. To portray the dense nature of the mechanism, I have shot so close to the motorcycle that it looks like it is going to protrude out of the picture. I used an external flash to illuminate the motorcycle diagonally at an angle from the top. The reflections and shadows created enhance the metallic finish of the motorcycle.

FL: 8.8mm (about 24mm at 35mm equivalent)/ (f/4.5, 1/200 sec)/ ISO 125

I took this shot from a high angle while sticking the lens up close against the glass of the observation deck, with both my hands holding the camera extended. The tilt mechanism of the LCD screen was very useful when shooting in this manner.

Take pictures the way you want using continuous shooting, high speed sync, WB adjustment, etc.

FL: 184mm (about 497mm at 35mm equivalent)/ (f/5.6, 1/600 sec)/ ISO 160

I tracked and focused on the flying plane, releasing the shutter when the Ferris wheel entered into the picture. Continuous shooting was used for the drive mode. If you want to capture the shot at a maximum speed of about 5.9 frames/sec, you need to set the AF mode to “One Shot” and record in JPEG format.

FL: 20.8mm (about 56mm at 35mm equivalent)/ (f/7, 1/2,000 sec)/ ISO 125

I took this shot of anthurium in a greenhouse handheld with an ST-E3-RT wireless transmitter attached to the hot shoe, my left hand holding and shining a Speedlite 600EX-RT external flash from an angle above. I darkened the background and made the colours and form stand out by using a high speed synchronised flash.

FL: 220mm (about 600mm at 35mm equivalent)/ (f/5.6, 1/500 sec)/ ISO 125

I took this shot feeling like I was designing the pattern of the pedestrian crossing on the screen. Using the My Colors function, I set the contrast to +2 to enhance the sense of dynamism.

FL: 71mm (about 192mm at 35mm equivalent)/ (f/6.3, 1/1,600 sec)/ ISO 125

By choosing [Shade] for the white balance and shifting the white balance compensation in the amber direction, I was able to simulate the sunset by adding a reddish tone to the picture. Being able to quickly select and compensate the white balance from the Quick Set menu was really convenient.

Oustanding ability to accommodate any scene

In these pictures, I managed to verify that the camera not only presented colours with an adequate sense of dynamism, it also had satisfying resolving capabilities, depicting even fine details sharply.

Compared to the image quality of an interchangeable lens camera equipped with a bigger sensor, it is only natural that it loses out in terms of high sensitivity performance and its ability to express details. Notwithstanding the slight difference in image quality, the appeal of a portable camera with 25x optical zoom easily outweighs that of any other 1.0-inch type sensor model that is available.

With a zoom range ranging from wide angle to ultra-telephoto and covering an angle of view that is just as good as that of 10 interchangeable lenses combined, the PowerShot G3 X has a reassuring ability to accommodate any scene. It makes me want to head out for a photography trip, travelling light with nothing but the PowerShot G3 X in tow.

Masakatsu Nagayama

Runs an advertising studio, and started being a freelance photographer in 1998, where he has been active mainly in the advertising scene, shooting for magazines and online media. His speciality lies in snapshots of city life.

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