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[Part 2] The High Resolving Power and Versatile Expressiveness of the PowerShot G9 X

Pocket-sized and equipped with a 1.0-inch type image sensor, the PowerShot G9 X allows you to capture high-definition images anytime, anywhere. In this article, I will test the capabilities of the camera through actual street snaps. (Reported by: Kazuo Nakahara)

High speed AF for quick and precise impromptu shots

PowerShot G9 X/ FL: 19.14mm (equivalent to 53mm in 35mm format)/ Program AE (f/4.5, 1/640 sec., EV±0)/ ISO 125/ WB: Auto

Reflection in the glass was captured in this shot. Nonetheless, the camera was able to establish focus correctly on the cityscape in the distance. Smaller than the size of your palm, the PowerShot G9 X makes you want to try taking shots from different angles.

Hassle-free adjustment of camera settings with the touch screen

PowerShot G9 X/ FL: 10.2mm (equivalent to 28mm in 35mm format)/ Program AE (f/5.6, 1/500, EV±0)/ ISO 125/ WB: Auto

A shot taken using the "Miniature Effect" Creative filter. The key to taking a photo like this is to find a higher location that looks down at the subject. You can change the filter effect easily using the touch screen.

Use the "Super Vivid" Creative filter to capture a perfect shot of the evening view

PowerShot G9 X/ FL: 30.6mm (equivalent to 84mm in 35mm format)/ Manual exposure (f/4.9, 1/640 sec.)/ ISO 125/ WB: Auto

A view of the townscape on the opposite shore with the lens set to the telephoto end. It was slightly hazy, which made it difficult to reproduce the colours. Nonetheless, with the "Super Vivid" Creative filter effect, I was able to produce a dramatic shot of the evening view.

Amazingly high resolving power and beautiful bokeh for a camera of this size

PowerShot G9 X/ FL: 13.76mm (equivalent to 38mm in 35mm format)/ Creative Shot mode (f/3.2, 1/250 sec., EV±0)/ ISO 200/ WB: Auto

The water droplets, which were the main focus in this photo, have been captured sharply. A beautiful background blur is also created. This photo was taken with the Creative Shot mode, which allows the camera to apply different filters automatically.

Speedy startup — perfect for taking impromptu shots

PowerShot G9 X/ FL: 30.6mm (equivalent to 84mm in 35mm format)/ Program AE (f/4.9, 1/320 sec., EV±0)/ ISO 125/ WB: Auto

I chanced upon a boat that was passing by in the distance, so I composed a shot with the PowerShot G9 X and took a shot with the telephoto end. The camera started up quickly and I was able to capture the shot smoothly.

PowerShot G9 X is a pocket-sized model that is equipped with a 1.0-inch type image sensor. Available in two colours, black and silver.

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Kazuo Nakahara

Born in Hokkaido in 1982, Nakahara turned to photography after working at a chemical manufacturing company. He majored in photography at the Vantan Design Institute and is a lecturer for photography workshops and seminars, in addition to working in commercial photography. He is also a representative of the photography information website studio9.

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