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[Part 4] EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R – Which One to Buy?

In February 2015, Canon announced the release of two new models, "EOS 5DS" and "EOS 5DS R", both boasting the highest pixel count in the EOS series. This is a series of four articles that unravel the appeal of the two cameras. Here are some comments from professional photographers on which camera they would buy, the EOS 5DS or the EOS 5DS R.

Which one would you buy?

Photographers with different specialisations have their own set of criteria for choosing a camera. I asked a variety of professional photographers asking them which of the two newly-released models they would choose. Here is a sample of their replies.

Which one to buy?

Landscape Photographer

Aki Goto

I have been waiting for the release of a model with a high pixel count. To me, the more attractive choice is the EOS 5DS R, which comes with a low-pass filter cancellation feature. In addition to the new [Fine Detail] Picture Style, I am also keen to know how the high resolution contributes to the expression of fine texture detail, which is an important consideration in landscape photography. Efforts have also been made to shorten the data processing time after a photo is taken, such as more defined recording format settings and compatibility with USB3.0 for a shorter data transfer time. I most look forward to being able to print out works in larger sizes for display at photo exhibitions, thanks to the higher resolution.

Desire to Purchase 100%

Which one to buy?

Snapshot Photographer

Kazushi Momoi

Apart from the question of whether we really need a resolution of 50 megapixels, I am simply pleased with the breakthrough and the momentum at which it is overpowering its leading rivals. While I am finding it hard to decide whether to go with or without the low-pass filter effect, pixel pitch is narrow because of the high pixel count, so moiré is less likely to occur in principle. From this perspective, I would place emphasis on the resolution and go for the EOS 5DS R. However, it is also true that his will increase the burden on the camera-shake prevention system, lens as well as on your computer.. Don't just jump into buying the camera just because of the specs. Doing so without a good understanding of how you can use the camera according to your intended purposes and skill level would be a waste of its features.

Desire to Purchase 90%

Which one to buy?

Wildlife Photographer

Yukihiro Fukuda

These cameras come in very useful for specific scenes in wildlife photography. A camera with an ultra-high pixel count is extremely advantageous when you want to capture wildlife amid an extensive landscape. With the use of a large photo panel, for example, it is possible to express the beauty of wild animals down to the details. However, moiré is likely to occur in the hair of the animal, so I would be worried if there is no low-pass filter effect. In this sense, I find the EOS 5DS more suitable for wildlife photography. As I also record movies, I was hoping that some enhancements could be made to the movie feature as well, but there weren't so I would rate my desire to purchase the camera as 90%.

Desire to Purchase 90%

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