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Share PowerShot N Photos via SNS!

The unique shape and "Creative Shot" mode are some of the features that make Canon's PowerShot N an attractive camera. It also comes with a Wi-Fi function that allows you to connect it to a smartphone and upload photos to SNS (Social Network Service) sites. In this article, I will study the user-friendliness of these features. (Reported by: Teppei Kouno)

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Uploading Photos to SNS Sites

"Creative Shot" mode offers a wide variety of effects

The PowerShot N has been gaining attention with novel features and design not available on Canon's past models. The new "Creative Shot" mode, for example, is a fun feature that automatically generates six photos with different compositions and color tones each time the user presses the shutter button. Meanwhile, the camera is also built in with a Wi-Fi function, which works extremely well with the Creative Shot mode, allowing you to save your favorite photos to a smartphone and upload them to an SNS site. With the PowerShot N, you can post images online easily while maintaining the high image quality of your digital photos.

"Creative Shot" mode offers a wide variety of effects. Upload the best of the 6 effects to an SNS site!

How to Upload Photos Captured by the Camera from a Smartphone

Second and subsequent connections are even simpler!

Once you have established a connection between the camera and a smartphone, subsequent connections to the same device can be done easily. You simply need to press the Mobile device connect button and select network, followed by starting up the application on the smartphone to establish the connection. With the Wi-Fi function, you can share PowerShot N photos on SNS sites in the same way as posting images you have captured using your smartphone.

1. Install the special application on your smartphone

Download and install the special application "CameraWindow" available for both iOS and Android on your smartphone.

2. Start up "CameraWindow"

After installing the "CameraWindow", start up the application and register a name for your smartphone for recognition by the camera.

3. Turn on the power of the camera and press the Mobile device connect button

After you have installed the application, turn on the power of the camera. Next, press the Mobile device connect button.

4. Set up your camera

The "Mobile Device Connect Button" is displayed for registering the device to connect to. Select [OK] to start set up.

5. Set the Wi-Fi function on the camera and smartphone

When the "Waiting to connect" screen appears, open the Wi-Fi setting screen on the smartphone.

6. Open the Wi-Fi setting menu on your smartphone

Open the Wi-Fi setting menu on your smartphone. Select the network name corresponding to that displayed on the LCD monitor of the camera in step 5.

7. Enter the encryption key

Select the network name and enter the encryption key displayed on the LCD monitor of the camera in step 5.

8. Open CameraWindow

Open the CameraWindow application again. Select the name of your smartphone which you have registered in Step 2. Your smartphone is now connected to the camera.

9. Select your favorite photos

After the connection between the camera and your smartphone is established, the photos stored inside the camera will be displayed in thumbnails on your smartphone. Select the favorite images you want to save to your smartphone. You can save up to 50 images at the same time*.

* The maximum number of images you can save at a time may vary depending on the capacity of your smartphone.

10. Save your favorite photos on your smartphone

After selecting your favorite photos, the image is displayed largely on your smartphone. Select [Save Image] to save. To cancel your selection, select [Cancel].

11. Upload saved photos to an SNS site

After you have saved photos to your smartphone, you are now ready to post them on SNS sites!

Try out the Wi-Fi function after purchasing the PowerShot N!

The PowerShot N is a very intriguing camera. Compared to conventional smartphones, the large image sensor of the PowerShot N allows you to record valuable moments in high image quality. Not only so, you can also enjoy creating unexpected effects with the use of the Creative Shot mode.
Yet another attractive feature of this camera is that you can share your photos easily on SNS sites. Users of the PowerShot N are therefore recommended to make use of the Wi-Fi function. Once setting is complete, subsequent connections with the same smartphone can be done in a breeze. I felt that what best suits the purpose of this camera is to take lots of interesting photos and share them with others. With the PowerShot N, you might just discover new ways of enjoying photography.

Teppei Kouno

Born in Tokyo in 1976. After his graduation from Meiji Gakuin University, Kouno studied under Masato Terauchi. He has been working as a freelance photographer since 2003.