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So You Want to Be a Freelance Photographer

Here is a list of top 5 things that I have learnt over the years and am still learning even now as I progress through my career as a photographer. (Report by: Jeremy Lim)

What happens after you decide to take that leap of faith and decide to turn your hobby into a profession? Do questions like "Would anyone even hire me?" or "Am I really good enough for this?" fill your head?

Before you let all these thoughts overwhelm you, take a step back and breathe. Everyone is anxious when they start something new and uncertain, but everyone began from somewhere, so let's enjoy this journey.

1. Be friendly!

Being a photographer is not just about going around and taking great pictures and capturing wonderful moments. It is about the people you meet and work with.

As you start out, you need people who will trust you and your work, and are willing to take a chance with you. Most of it would come from your family and friends, who know you and how good you are. When your business starts to grow, people will keep coming back to you not just because you produce great work, but because there is a relationship and the people like you for you.

2. Spread your nets!

How many times have you captured a wonderful moment only to have it sitting in your computer or in your hard disk? Start a blog! This would be the avenue that will connect you to the rest of the world and let everyone out there know you through your works! Keeping the content fresh attracts people and will have them coming back for more. Update your blog daily if you can with not just with client based work, but with personal projects as well. This will keep you on your toes and allow you to learn more about yourself and your craft. Such an ability as a photographer is attractive.

3. Big things come in small packages

As your name gets out there and your portfolio grows, you'll never know when you will land the big one.

Any assignment can lead to the next big thing, so don’t let any chances slip by and do your 110% for each one. Treat each job as though it's your last and the rewards will be right around the corner. Every successful photographer has a small start, but big things come from the smallest of packages.

4. Keep growing

Someone once told me “you are only as good as your last shoot” and I have found that to be so true, even till this day. Always find ways and means to improve yourself. Look at magazines or spend time searching through the internet. Have reference material or follow photographers that you admire and learn how they create their shots and attempt to improve on them. Find time for personal projects or take photo walks around your neighbourhood - something might catch your eye and give you a new perspective which would be helpful and applicable in your next assignment.

5. Being Confident

Lastly, have confidence in what you do. Photography as a hobby and as a job is worlds apart. It will not be easy and you will make mistakes along the way. However, pick yourself up, go at it again and learn not to make same mistakes again.

Jeremy Lim

Ever since Jeremy first held a camera in his early secondary school years, it has never failed to amaze him. Equipped with the ability to now freeze precious moments and share them with everyone around, Jeremy has since covered various events for Navy News magazine during his National Service and also serves in his church's youth photography team. Believing that every wedding is intimate and special, born out of love from the couple, he aim to capture that Love with every click of my camera.