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What cameras are good for capturing adorable baby photos?

In this article, we will introduce a DSLR camera and a unique compact digital camera recommended for parents. Both models are user-friendly and capable of capturing adorable and attractive shots. You will be able to find a camera that suits your purpose best using the recommended features here as reference.
(Written, organised, and photos taken by: Camera Biyori Editorial Department. Model: Mika Minami, Ouri)

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Digital SLR camera: EOS 100D
For parents who wish to capture beautiful photos for long-term storage

The EOS 100D boasts the most compact size and lightest weight among the SLR cameras in Canon's EOS series. Equipped with a large APS-C size sensor, touch screen, optical viewfinder and easy-to-understand menus, this is a perfect camera for beginners. Known for the high image quality and balanced colours, it is also a popular DSLR model among parents.

Recommended Features

Lightweight & Touch Shutter

The body is amazingly light, with a weight of only about 370g. Also, the compact size allows you to hold the camera firmly even if your hands are small.

With the touch shutter, shots can be captured easily in the same way as smartphones!

Little Ouri has a flair for making playful expressions. You can release the shutter easily by tapping the screen on the point you want to focus, so shots with a sharp focus can be obtained even if the subject is positioned at the edge of the image.

Compact digital camera: PowerShot N100
Including your faces while having fun with the baby

Do you have tonnes of photos featuring your kids, but none with you inside? With the PowerShot N100, which comes with two lenses, one in front and the other at the back, you can capture yourself with the rear lens. This rare feature produces a montage photo of the parent who is photographing together with the baby subject in the camera. Needless to say, you can use it to shoot movies too!

Recommended Features

Back-facing Lens & Movable LCD Screen

The "Dual Capture" mode captures a shot of the photographer using the back-facing lens and displays it in a small window at the corner of the main image. You can choose to position the window at any of the four corners.

5 Useful Tips
For Purchasing the Right Camera

1. Design, portability, user-friendliness and weight

Mirrorless: For those whose emphasis is on choosing a compact, lightweight and portable design.

Digital SLR: For those whose emphasis is the ease of use, such as a grip that is easy to hold, buttons and dials, and optical viewfinder.

2. The sensor size determines the image quality

All the models in the EOS series are built in with a large-format APS-C size sensor, which is significantly larger than the Micro Four Thirds format employed on mirrorless cameras. Generally, a larger sensor size contributes to higher image quality, though the size of the body would also be bigger.

3. Touch operation and movable LCD screen

Touch operation: LCD screen that can be operated intuitively in the same way as smartphones are easy to use.

Movable LCD screen: The "tilt type" LCD screen, which can be moved upward or downward, or the "Vari-angle type", which is movable in both the vertical and horizontal directions, allows you to take shots in a comfortable posture regardless of the shooting angle.

4. Optical viewfinder

A viewfinder makes it easy to photograph at a bright location such as on a sunny day. Meanwhile, the optical viewfinder that is found on many SLR cameras allows you to track moving objects easily.

5. SD card

When choosing a recording media, it is important to consider the reading and writing speed as well as durability in addition to the capacity of the memory card. For an SD card, a higher class number indicates a higher speed in continuous shooting or data transfer. The impact- and water- resistance performance varies with the product.

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