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Alissa Yagi

International model and actress

An exclusive model for the popular fashion magazine ViVi and various fashion brands, Alissa is also a regular in both Japanese and global fashion shows. Known for her girly image, she is inspired by international styles and discerning in her fashion choices. Photography is an essential element for Alissa in capturing her daily life, travels, and fashion inspirations as can be seen on her Instagram which has more than 500,000 followers.

Chloe Wu

Well-known model and actress in Taiwan

As an active model, not only is Chloe constantly changing between versatile styles while pulling off any look, she is also very creative with her wardrobe. Apart from fashion, photography is another necessary element for her daily social media posts.

Maudy Ayunda

Singer, Song writer, and Actress

A prominent Indonesian singer-songwriter and actress, Maudy is recently awarded the most influential millennial of the year. Having just graduated from the University of Oxford, she is known for her passion in education and youth issues. In addition to art and music, Maudy also loves expressing herself through fashion and photography. She enjoys capturing meaningful moments with her camera and embraces photography as one of her favorite ways of storytelling.



Hello. I’m Beau. I’m 30 years old and I was born in September. I like travelling, sightseeing. I like all kinds of travelling, depending on my budget. I like taking pictures, scenery, food, pictures of myself, pictures of friends…everything all around me that I like. I’m attentive to how I dress. I dress in several styles. Nothing is fixed because I believe we can have several characters in ourselves. We only need to have one clear character for each day. I like to write. I take the stories all around me to reflect and convey my feeling. I put this in form of short stories for everyone to read. We have to believe in ourselves and do what we like. We can be happy and we harm no one. We don’t do something because we want someone to like us. But if they like us, we can become friends.

EOS M100

You have carefully curated your outfit for your date; a blush pink cocktail dress with your favourite d’Orsay pumps and a margo lace clutch. Perfect OOTD moments such as this deserves an equally stylish and compact snapper to match. Enjoy greater creative expression and discover your inner fashion blogger with EOS M100.

Photography Tips

OOTD Tip 1: The secret to a great selfie? Finding a flattering angle. Keep your chin down, your camera up and tilt your head slightly to the side. Don’t forget to share your OOTD with us for a chance to win one of 10 Canon EOS M100 kits.

Photography Tips

OOTD Tip 2: Shooting your OOTD indoors? Natural light can help enhance your shot. Get close to a window with gentle sunlight streaming in to brighten your face, and reduce shadows. Show us your versatile outfit, and stand to win a Canon EOS M100! We’ve got 10 camera kits to give away.

Photography Tips

OOTD Tip 3: Flat-lays are a fun way to showcase your favourite accessories. Keep the background simple, and use different sized objects or textures to create depth.

Photography Tips

OOTD TIP 4: It can be hard to get the perfect shot in one snap. Use the EOS M100’s Creative Assist Mode to easily make edits in real-time. Then upload your favourite shots on social media via Wi-Fi or NFC. Don’t forget to share your best OOTD shots with us for a chance to win a Canon EOS M100. We’ve got 10 camera kits up for grabs!

Photography Tips

OOTD Tip 5: Use medium or close-up shots to highlight the fashion pieces you love most. Whether it’s a statement rain jacket or trendy jumpsuit, the Canon EOS M100’s powerful DIGIC 7 image processor captures every detail with vibrance and clarity.


EOS M100

Powerful autofocus to capture fleeting moments

The DIGIC 7 image processor and 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor combine to produce images more accurate and detailed than ever – great for preserving memories of holidays, special occasions and time spent with loved ones. Featuring the Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology for speedy Live View shooting, the EOS M100 boasts shooting power on par with a DSLR camera. The camera is equipped with the in-camera Combination IS function for movie shooting, which can correct camera shakes to achieve stable footages, even when using non-IS lens. This stylish camera comes in 3 colour options – Gray, Black and White.


So sleek!


So sexy!


So light!

- Colour availability varies by country.

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Hình bộ trang phục đẹp nhất trong ngày (OOTD) với một nhận xét tiêu đề sáng tạo sẽ có cơ hội đoạt 1 bộ máy Canon EOS M100 (EF-M 15-45mm IS STM) trị giáSGD $799.00.

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