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Imperfect Sunrise


Canon EOS 80D


EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM




f 5.6

Shutter Speed

1/160 sec

Exposure Compensation

0 EV

This is the first best sunrise picture for me taken using my new camera Canon 80D. This picture is taken from (Methlang) Pokhara, Nepal. The story behind this shot is : This picture is taken with lots of patience and dedication. I am that kind of person who loves sunrises and sunsets so i wanted to take some pictures of the sunrise and sunset after getting my first DIgital SLR. As we all know during winters the day are almost cold and foggy so witnessing the sunrise very hard. Sun is always covered with fogg and clouds & same happens to me always. When I go to that place to capture Sunrise it was covered with fogg but when i stay at home Sun used to rise perfectly as i wanted. After few times i was very disappointed. So after few times i decided to go regulary to that place and wait for Sun to rise. Since that place was far from my house so i use to ask my friends for company but times they refused because we need to hike a steep hill for 10-15min in that cold climate. They used to say that i sun will not rise as I wanted. Then i started going alone waking up at 5:00am. After going regulary for a week I got the shot I wanted. As now the sun is not perfect in this picture but in my opininon beauty is found in imperfect things.


Hello! It's me The Kiran Baral from Pokhara, Nepal . I am a beginner Photographer and interested in Travel, Automobile, City & Nightscapes and Realestate Photography


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