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Be Creative, Be Unique

By shakir.manzoor

Canon EOS 6D


EF85mm f/1.8 USM




f 2.8

Shutter Speed

2 sec

Exposure Compensation

0 EV

it is my passion to do something unique , so i was thinking to take a shot like this from a long but had no friend who has a sport bike , finally got one so decided to shoot , took some test shot finally able to get one ( cropped and made b&w on Photoshop ) , i am sure if i keep practicing, it will enhance more of my skills to produce some more unique and better shots. this image is taken from Canon 6D with canon 85mm 1.8 lens . The settings were , F2.8 , iso 200 , 2 seconds shutter speed , 2 helpers one grabbing continuous light on left so that i can able to get streak of subject due to slow shutter speed and another helper holding a speedlite with softbox on the right side which was fired just before i release the shutter button from bulb mode. so can take this kind of shot but make sure to have a dark background or else you will get the ghosting effects on subject too from background as you can see the bokeh lights from the background on the bike... that's all for now hope this is informative for all ... take care :)


Freelance Photographer and Photography instructor ,Graduated from The New York institute of Photography , currently located in Karachi city of Pakistan. my portfolio website : you can follow me at my profile


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