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Face to face

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I saw this scene at Dhuturdaha, north 24 parganas in India where I live. I found it near my village. They usually eat crustaceans, aquatic insects, fishes, tadpoles and sometimes leeches. Outside wetlands, these herons feed on insects like crickets, dragonflies and bees . When I saw the 'Pond Heron' then it was busy to ate something. They usually eat small insects and fishes. After I found it was a mid size fish that the bird was catch and tried to eat. Fortunately I have camera then, that's why I capture this beautiful scene and took a lot of pictures. The bird sat in one place for a long time that's why I took more pictures of this bird. I have seen this before bt didn't captured bt this time I done it. I'm really happy to take this beautiful moment and share it.

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