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[Part 1] Achieve Large Bright Eyes with Lovely Selfie Shot!

Even for those who have a pair of relatively large, bright eyes, have you ever been troubled by the sleepy look in your photos? Explained below is a simple "20° + 45°" technique to make your eyes look "bigger and brighter"! (Reported by: Oliya T. Yabuta)

Avoid the front view. Use "20° + 45°" for an attractive shot

The basic way to take a "selfie" using a compact digital camera is to position the camera at "20° + 45°"! Doing so naturally makes the eyes appear bigger and brighter, and you'll look more attractive!

A common mistake in many of the poor self-portraits is illustrated in the bad example above. A front view of the face taken with the camera positioned at the eye level makes the eyes appear droopy. Also, by comparing with the good example, we can tell that the facial contour is not well-defined. To avoid such mistakes and make the eyes appear larger and brighter, use the "20° + 45°" technique.

The 20° + 45° Law

  • Position the camera "20°" higher than the face
  • Move the camera horizontally to the side by "45°"

First, with the camera held in your hand, stretch it out straight into the front. Next, lift your arm upward from this position by 20°. Make sure that the camera lens is facing you. Also, instead of lifting your chin, you should look into the camera with your eyes tilted upward. Doing so creates an up-from-under look, making the outline of the upper eyelid appear thicker, and the eyes would look bigger and brighter.
If the camera is only moved upward by 20°, this would create a deliberate impression. To make the photo turn out more natural, move the camera horizontally by 45°. Similarly, look into the camera by tilting your eyes upward instead of moving your chin. Shift your face slightly toward the camera to complete the pose, followed by pressing the shutter button. The result is a natural up-from-under look with a clear depiction of the upper eyelids, making the entire eye appear larger and brighter. At the same time, with the jawline visible, the chin also appears sharper.

Do not move your face together with the camera! Look into the camera by tilting your eyes instead of lifting your face. Finally, shift your face slightly toward the camera, and you are all camera-ready!

HINT: Hold a hand mirror together with the camera to adjust the angle of your face!

You can hold a compact hand mirror together with the camera when you are taking a selfie. Look for the angle at which the face appears sharp, and press the shutter button!
Look for the right angle and press the shutter button.


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Oliya T. Yabuta

After his career with a TV production firm and a computer peripheral manufacturer in product planning and advertisement production, Yabuta became a writer and portrait photographer. He excels in writing commentaries that are beginner-friendly.