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What to Expect from Your First Mirrorless Camera


What exactly is a mirrorless camera? Unlike DSLR, which has a mirror that is used to reflect light that comes through the lens and into the viewfinder (which is why it is called the Single Lens Reflex), mirrorless camera, as its name suggests, does not have a mirror, which means light is passed through the lens and right onto the image sensor. But that is not all. A mirrorless camera is lighter in weight, and boasts many qualities similar to a DSLR. It is a great piece of equipment to own if you are starting to get serious about photography, and you will see a huge improvement on your photos as you learn to use its many features. 

There are many more fun things you can do with a mirrorless camera, like this writer who works in the creative industry. Whether you are just beginning to learn photography, or looking for a lightweight companion besides your DSLR, a mirrorless camera can help you achieve greater heights for your landscape, street, portrait or sports photography and videography. Most importantly, you can bring it anywhere you go with ease and have fun with it, just like this videographer who captures life on the streets!

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