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SELPHY CP1300: For a Class of Fun and Learning


The morning started unlike the typical day in a 2nd grade classroom of Ignatius Loyal Primary School in Indonesia. Green and red craft papers sprawled across the tables and floors, and there was an air of excitement in the room. Were the students learning or playing? 

Planting the Friendship Tree

The children were engrossed in their craft, tracing leafs and fruits for their latest class project. One by one, they presented the fruits of their labour, while the teacher stood at the back trying to capture every moment. Little did they know that a real treat is coming. 

selphy cp1300 compact photo printer

The students busy making leaves and fruits to be cut out and pasted

The day’s activity was for the class to complete a Friendship Tree using paper, which was already outlined and up on the wall. What’s left, is the best part: decorating the tree with the faces of friendship. 

“Say Cheese!”

It was time for photo-taking as each student took turns and posed for the camera, before getting printed instantly via Wi-Fi on the SELPHY CP1300. 

selphy cp1300 compact photo printer

The classroom teacher snapping photos of each student

 selphy cp1300 compact photo printer

Sending photos to print to SELPHY CP1300 via Wi-Fi (with the help of Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY Apps)

The class gathered around the compact photo printer expectantly, as postcard-sized portraits appeared, in and out from yellow, magenta and final coat by the dye-sublimation technology. The room was filled with smiles and laughter. 

selphy compact photo printer

Once done, these postcard photos were pasted up on the Friendship Tree; some went high up the tree, while some stayed nestled within the branches of fruits and leaves. In no time, this tree came to live, with pictures of smiles and playful poses.  

compact photo printer selphy cp1300

One student trying to put her printed photo on the Friendship Tree

compact photo printer selphy cp1300

Group photo with the finished Friendship Tree

The World at a Glance

“Can anyone tell us where West Borneo is?” the teacher quizzed the class, holding up a printed photo of a traditional Indonesian costume of its origin. One student quickly located the region and pasted the photo on the map of Indonesia. 

selphy cp1300 compact photo printer, students learning in class

A student came up to the front of class to place the photo on the map

Geography class was special that day as it was nothing the students had experienced before. Destinations were tagged by respective photos of cultures and landmarks, instead of browsing them from boring old textbooks. Thanks to the portable in-class SELPHY CP1300 compact photo printer, the learning process today was visual, interactive and a whole lot of fun! 

Instant Teaching Tools

Pictures were printed directly from phone via Wi-Fi just shortly before the class started, easily delivering quality snapshots ready for the day of fun and learning. 

compact photo printer selphy cp1300

Printing is made so convenient, that possibilities are endless. For the class of older students (primary 6), this activity scaled onto the world map. Students can now quickly identify where different countries are, as well as their iconic landmarks without even being there. The world, is now printed and at the palm of their hands. 

selphy cp1300 compact photo printer
 selphy cp1300 compact photo printer
 selphy cp1300 compact photo printer
 selphy cp1300 compact photo printer
 selphy cp1300 compact photo printer
 selphy cp1300 compact photo printer

Classroom teaching became more interactive with the help of SELPHY CP1300 compact photo printer

Curriculum was more fun because the lesson went beyond the textbook, with engaging Q&A and interactive yet simple educational photo prints. Fun learning always makes for better education. 

A Bulletin of Superstars 

For the next activity, the primary 6 students gathered for their upcoming tasks on the class bulletin board. The theme of the day was: My Idol. 

Usually reserved for rest and leisure, the excited fan boys and girls used their afternoon sharing who their idols were. Ayu Ting Ting, Indonesia’s local ‘Dangdut’ singer, was a hot favourite; big names of sports, Messi and Ronaldo, also came up. No surprises there. 

selphy cp1300 compact photo printer in school usage
selphy cp1300 compact photo printer in school usage
 selphy cp1300 compact photo printer in school usage
 selphy cp1300 compact photo printer in school usage

Wall of Fame

Using the SELPHY CP1300, faces of idols adorned the walls of the classroom. Easy, wireless and instant anytime, anywhere. 

selphy cp1300 compact photo printer

As seen, different print layouts were also explored to make the bulletin stand out. Thanks to the versatile print formats, the class was able to print from standard postcard to credit card size and square format labels. 

More than a Printer

After the class dismissed, we ended our day pondering about the possibilities of this one single device – art & craft, labelling, cataloguing, tagging and so much more. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then its prints are the key to precious stories and invaluable lessons.

Stay tuned for our last article on other usages of SELPHY compact photo printer in school environment!

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