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5 Perfect Baby Photo Set Ups You Can Do at Home


Taking photos of your newborn baby can be challenging, but so rewarding. That’s because the photos captured by you, the parent, are always going to have something extra special about them. Furthermore, your baby will grow up before you know it so having these photographs to look back on them in years.

Forget about elaborate or expensive photo studios. If you’re keen to explore baby photography, learn how you can capture your baby’s precious little milestones at home with this handy infographic.

5 perfect baby photo set ups you can do at home

1. Photograph where the light is

Playing with natural light helps to bring out the most beautiful complexion of your baby’s skin. To achieve soft shadows and highlights, let the light hit your baby’s face at a 45-degree angle and ensure the light source is not directly above or below her face. Fitted with a 24.1-megapixel APS-C-size CMOS sensor and the DIGIC image processor, the EOS 1500D lets you capture images with refined details and rich colours, while an ISO range of ISO 100 - 6400, expandable to ISO 12800, gives you the freedom to shoot under low-light conditions.

2. Swaddle Baby

This is a perfect set up to capture the tiny details of your baby such as her nose, lips, eyelashes, tiny fingers, toes and feet. Get close to your baby with the Canon EF-S35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM lens as you shoot in manual mode and set your aperture on the smallest number e.g. f/2.8 to achieve a soft, blurred background in your photos.

3. Wrap baby in blanket

Choose neutral outfits and textured blankets so the focus is on your baby. If you prefer to stay close to your baby, set your camera on a tripod and use the Canon Camera Connect App, which lets you adjust your camera’s most frequently used settings depending on the surrounding conditions, without having to manually adjust it on your camera. With the camera on the tripod, you can then direct other family members into the frame and turn it into a family portrait.

4. Have fun with fabrics

If you and your baby are game for a more creative set up, then the sky’s the limit. Using bed sheets, blankets, clothing – basically any fabric – will give you endless opportunities to create various settings. A blanket makes for a great backdrop as it won’t wrinkle like sheets or curtains.

Tip: Placing your baby on top of a blanket on the floor is a good way to get overhead shots without fearing your baby might roll off the surface. If you’re looking to achieve more interesting shots, choose from the EOS 1500D's Creative filters effects to help you apply artistic effects like the Soft Focus and Fish-eye effects.

5. Play with reflections

If your baby is a little older and is becoming more curious about her surroundings, include a mirror in your photo set up. Dress your baby up in a cute outfit, place a mirror in front of her, and get your camera ready to capture all of her expressions while she discovers her reflection.

Tip: Set your camera to shoot in continuous shooting mode to capture all of your baby’s adorable and funny expressions so you’ll never miss a photo opportunity.


Before planning ahead and setting up everything you need for the shoot, we can’t emphasise enough how important it is to shoot during the time of day when your baby is happiest. Ensure that she is well-fed and in a comfortable environment, then get ready to take photos when she starts to doze off. Have fun!

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