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Six Reasons to Take the EOS M6 on a Bike Trip

Have you ever been amazed by how much Taipei can be so reminiscent of a European city, with all the dazzling sunshine, clear blue sky, as well as fresh and clean air? At dawn, the morning light bathes the tranquil city in a warm glow, whereas the searing midday sun makes everything a spectacular sight to behold. As the sun sets on the city, the views are enough to make the heart soar, while at night, the city becomes a dazzling sea of lights. Taipei is a truly beautiful city. This time, I set off once more on my road bike, not for training but with my Canon EOS M6 in tow to search for glimpses of the city’s beauty, and to create unforgettable memories. Join me as I take a look at how using the EOS M6 is very similar to riding a road bike. (Text: Bai-Ke-Mian (掰客麵); Photo: Lin Chien-Hung (林建宏); Model: Wilda Hsiao-Wei (小威) (Facebook: Wilda Wang))

Road bike on the EOS M6


1. The EOS M6 is lightweight like a road bike

The exquisite camera body of the EOS M6, coupled with the EF-M18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM lens, is great for taking various photos ranging from wide-angle to telephoto shots. When combined with the fast access strap, the compact, lightweight and user-friendly EOS M6 becomes an ideal camera for you to take along to shoot outdoors and on-the-go. This makes it a great companion for a bike trip, just like a road bike, as you can have it with you while you move quickly throughout the city. Furthermore, your lightweight road bike can be carried and put aside with ease, and even be incorporated into different compositions, allowing you to wonderful shots of your favourite bike against the backdrop of the stunning scenery in Taipei.

Road bike and the EOS M6

The compact and lightweight EOS M6 is your ideal travel companion.


2. The EOS M6 boasts autofocus performance as responsive as the controls on a high-performance road bike

Unresponsive autofocus is surely an obstacle for photography lovers. However, the EOS M6 comes with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which reacts quickly and focuses instantly. You can thus take pictures without waiting, and capture precious moments with responsive controls comparable to that of a high-end road bike. And just like a road bike, the EOS M6 turns your intentions into reality, allowing you to create your own shots.

Snapshots of Taipei, shot with the EOS M6

EOS M6/ EF-M18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM/ FL: 18mm (29mm equivalent)/ f/3.5/ 1/500 sec/ ISO 100/ WB: Auto

The shackles of time.


Street photograph of Taipei, shot with the EOS M6

EOS M6/ EF-M18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM/ FL: 18mm (29mm equivalent)/ f/3.5/ 1/1,000 sec/ ISO 100/ WB: Auto

Fast and precise autofocus makes shooting scenery a cinch!


Locks in Taipei, shot with the EOS M6

EOS M6/ EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM/ FL: 47mm (75mm equivalent)/ f/5.6/ 1/400 sec/ ISO 100/ WB: Auto


3. Movie digital IS on the EOS M6 is as smooth as riding a comfy road bike

A camera should at least be able to shoot photos. And while having a movie recording function is good, being able to shoot handheld is even better. With the EOS M6’s 5-axis image stabilisation, you can shoot handheld and still obtain smooth and stable videos, which is more than enough for making a record of your travels. If you encounter a scene that does not really come across well as photo, why not shoot a video instead? The resulting video will be as smooth and stable as a ride on a highly shock-absorbing road bike and is sure to have you looking for more videos to capture in the city.

Doors of houses in Taipei, shot with the EOS M6

EOS M6/ EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM/ FL: 18mm (29mm equivalent)/ f/5.6/ 1/640 sec/ ISO 100/ WB: Auto

Even among the modern buildings in Taipei City, you can still find areas steeped in history.


Shot of Taipei from a bike

EOS M6/ EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM/ FL: 47mm (75mm equivalent)/ f/5.6/ 1/400 sec/ ISO 100/ WB: Auto


4. The EOS M6 boasts a tilting LCD monitor that is as convenient as a bike’s electronic gear-shifting system

High or low angle? Selfie or no selfie? Trying out a different composition? All you have to do is simply flip the tilting display! With touchscreen control on the EOS M6 that is as intuitive as that of a smartphone, you can easily and rapidly take shots with just the touch of a finger, just as you would control the electronic gear-shifting system on a bike. Unlike with conventional control levers and mechanical cables, you no longer need to strain your hand trying to change gears. This small change has made gear shifting as simple as pushing a button. I’m sure anyone who has used an electronic gear-shift would hardly want to go back.

A selfie with the EOS M6 while cycling

The tilting monitor, selfie mode, and timer are all essential functions for internet celebrities!


5. High-speed continuous shooting lets you capture every precious finish-line moment

The EOS M6 comes with more robust image processing capabilities, with a continuous shooting speed of up to 9 fps, letting you capture more dynamic photos. Whether you are photographing butterflies, birds, cats, dogs, or even young children, your chances of getting a good shot are greatly improved. If you ever need to shoot the finish-line moments of a road bike race, all you have to do is simply switch to continuous shooting and push the shutter button. You just might be able to capture the moment when a rider pushes his bike across the finish-line, or when the front wheel is just off the ground!

Posing with road bike and EOS M6

While it might be a hassle to delete pictures after shooting continuously, what matters is that you capture the shot you need.


Find out how to make the most out of your camera’s continuous shooting mode: 3 Creative Ways to Use Your Camera’s Continuous Shooting Mode


6. Compact mirrorless DSLR with a vintage design that matches any fashion style

The camera has a vintage-style design and comes equipped with silver metallic fittings and a black leather case, as well as knurled dials. These features not only make the camera easier to operate, but also give the camera’s exterior an added unique charm. Whether you are riding a modern bike with a carbon fibre frame or a classic steel bicycle, and whether you are dressed in casual attire or wearing a professional riding outfit, the EOS M6 is sure to add to your aesthetics and make heads turn.

Road bike and the EOS M6


Road bike and EOS M6

With a backpack and a lightweight tripod, you can wander through Taipei from day to night.


Key features of the Canon EOS M6

- 24.2-megapixel APS-C size CMOS image sensor
- Native ISO speed of up to ISO 25600 
- Up to 9 fps high-speed continuous shooting (with AF Lock) 
- Up to 7 fps continuous shooting with AF tracking
- 3.0-inch 1.04m-dot Vari-Angle Capacitive Touch Screen display (tiltable 180° upward, 45° downward) 
- Built-in wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi, remote shooting, smart mobile GPS positioning, wireless printing and backup
- Compatible with the Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS M (optional), which allows more than 70 EF and EF-S lenses to work on the camera


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Bai-Ke-Mian (掰客麵)

Bai-Ke-Mian (掰客麵)

Born in 1977, with 7 years of experience in professional cycling photography. An ardent Canon user.
I became particularly interested in sports photography at a young age, but could not afford to buy a 35mm camera back then. It was only when I started to perform my military service that I had enough savings to buy my very first DSLR, a Canon EOS 10D, which marked the start of my photography journey. It has been a great pleasure for me to combine my two hobbies, namely cycling and photography, which has allowed me to record people and things related to cycling in Taiwan!



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