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5 Tips to Shoot Better Photos for Your Online Fashion Store


If you have your own blogshop or clothing line, or thinking of setting up one, you will need visuals captivating enough to inspire your customers and help generate sale. Nothing creates a better first impression than a series of beautiful photos. Here’s a step by step process to help you create your own lookbook or visual assets for your online fashion store.

Here's How You Can Shoot Better Photos for Your Online Fashion Store

1.    Style and photograph your accessories with the most complimentary background or foreground, remembering what appeals to your target audience.
2.    Find the right fashion model who fits your brand’s design ethos, and the look and feel you want to portray in your collection.
3.    Discuss with your model on the looks you are going for. Shoot full length, mid-shot and up close to capture a variety of looks.
4.    Capture the details to allow your customers to have a closer look before deciding on a purchase.
5.    Find the right location to help create a story, inspire your customers, and bring out your clothes even more.


Bonus Tips:

  • If your product has a variety of colours, be sure to showcase all of them on your website.
  • Include the prices, and indicate the discounted percentage if applicable.
  • Packaging plays an important part in a customer experience. Make sure the presentation is as good as your marketing assets.
  • Update your website as frequently as possible – if the product is out of stock, indicate so clearly.

Download a version of this infographic here.

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Darren Wong

Darren Wong
Darren Wong is a Singapore-based photographer who specialises in portrait and fashion photography. In addition to that, he also shoots visuals for commercial brands such as The Macallan, Thermos, Nissin, and ZERRIN. Find his work on Instagram @darrenwongphotography, or on his website www.darrenwphotography.com.​